Eat a superb breakfast on the deck by the creek.  Watch for wildlife during the early mornings and early evenings.  Sit on the foot bridge with your toes in the water.  Bird watchers, view a variety of our feathered friends along the creek and among our towering pines.  
Your friends will enjoy the sites, sounds and insightful discussions as you visit on the deck, with the creek providing a symphony of sounds in the background.
Have your camera handy and ready for those family photos which will give you wonderful memories to share with others, for years to come.   The photos will also give visual proof, to the stories you share.
Do not hesitate to ask Terry or Carol to take res of you on your camera.  They will also take shots of you on their tablets and immediately email them to you.  
Thank you for visiting our site and considering us in your travel plans.  Call for more info or just to visit.





eat, marveleous views, dip feet creek dipping



eat, marvelous views, dip feet creek dipping

When possible we provide, for your pleasure, spectacular views of the wild life.

eat, marvelous views, dip feet creek dipping

An American Dipper enjoying the same creek you can dip your feet in.


eat, marvelous views, dip feet creek dipping

Breakfast can be experienced on the deck













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